While I was at Rhode Island just for a day, with a seemingly endless list of things to do, I decided to visit THE BREAKERS. …Considering it to be by far, THE most magnificent mansions among the many at NewPort, what attracted me the most were the stunning vintage chandeliers, European style ceilings, beautifully themed rooms, Renaissance architecture and getting to hear the stories behind all of it…..Floored by its sheer beauty, THE BREAKERS  got me believe in fairy tales, all the more.

Lucky enough to be allowed to photograph the interiors of this ornate mansion to my heart’s content, sharing few of my hundreds-of-clicks 😉


The Breakers was built as the Newport summer home of Cornelius Vanderbilt, a member of the wealthy United States Vanderbilt family and President of NewYork Railroad system .

The Breakers is a Mansion located at NewPort, Rhode Island which is now operated and maintained by the Preservation Society.



The Great Hall  as I entered . . . 





The kitchen : situated on the first floor  away from the main house to prevent the possibility of fires and cooking smells reaching the main parts of the house. An intercom system allowed the butler to direct the necessary servants to their needed locations.




A typical day’s Menu


 The Music room  was used for recitals and dances.  The room had a  ceiling lined with silver and gold with  inscription in French of song, music, harmony and melody.  Mr. Vanderbilt was known to play the violin and Mrs. Vanderbilt, the piano.







Stairway built such that the ladies could step down in long gowns, with much ease.




Miss Gertrude Vanderbilt’s Bedroom : Vanderbilt’s daughter who wished to be loved for her personality rather than her wealth, grew up to be an artist. She moved into the Breakers when she was 19. A portrait of her when she was 5 can be seen in her room.








Mr. Vanderbilt’s Bedroom : The Master Bedroom has more memories of friends and family, though Mr. Vanderbilt lived only a year at this Mansion in good health  before he died of a stroke.


Countess Szechenyi’s Bedroom – Designed in  simple elegance style, this room had ivory and cream colored design.






There is something so lovely about the history and stories behind this 70 – Room – Mansion!!

The inside audio tour was highly detailed, giving enough time to take a tour of the mansion.  It is open on all  days of the week for public visit 🙂 If you ever find yourself wondering what you could do for the upcoming long weekend, I’d highly recommend a visit to the Newport Mansions.