Hello hello hello,

So whoz excited for another long weekend coming up!!

Whether your planning a road trip, a beach day out or heading out on a hike, these quirky picks are sure to keep up the vacation spirits while you party on this Summer.

Nothing better than a red and blue  *my personnel fave combo* graphic tee with a lil’ glitter for that chic feel, paired with a navy blue striped skater skirt!!




With a 99% chance of heading out in the Sun, this flag print Cap is a sure must have, with a scarf which can always come handy as a head band or just  brighten up your spring bag like mine always does:)

Here I am Ready to Set off fireworks with these flirty lil’ 4th of July essentials!! Let me know what you think 🙂 Would love to hear about your plans …Shout out in the comments section below !!




Hope you have a great weekend!

Until next time,

Stay happy and healthy!!

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