Step 1 : Grind together – soaked Green gram and Rice, along with Ginger, Chilli, Asafoetida, Onion and Turmeric + some Water.


Step 2: Transfer the contents to a large bowl . Add in cumin and salt, mix well. Add more water if needed. The mixture needs to be of just the right consistency!


Step 3 : Heat half a spoon of oil in a non stick pan and pour a ladle of this mixture to form thick pancakes. I sprinkled some onions and chilli flakes on top just to make it more attractive 😉 Switch sides until evenly cooked on both sides.

Slightly press the onions with the back of ladle so your toppings don’t fall off :P.


Serve with chutney or ketchup!!


Recipe inspired from Pesarattu, a popular breakfast dosa variety from AndraPradesh 🙂 Came across this on my Aerobics instructor’s fitness blog  and decided to give it a try! This has made its way into our breakfast menu quite often now 🙂 

Quick. Easy and Guilt Free 🙂

P.S : Tastes best when freshly made. Recommend using the entire batter mixture for the same day 😉

Green gram is considered to be this superfood which keeps you feeling full for longer! Trust me! This works!!  If you’re having trouble losing weight because you feel too hungry whenever you cut back on calories, consider adding green gram to your diet. A 1-cup serving has 15 grams of fiber. Fiber in food fills you up and makes you feel satisfied.